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Supporter Credits
Custom amount
  • Permanent

Custom Supporter Credit Amount 

Permenant Package

Supporter Credits: Every $1 you donate = 100 supporter credits! 

(VIP In game is 1,500 credits so ≈ $15)
(MVP In game is 3,000 credits so ≈ $30)

Supporter Credits are given out automatically. Reconnect upon purchasing for them to appear


Current Bonus - Inactive

This package is non-refundable
Personal Model
100 USD
  • Permanent

Custom Model Package

You can now donate to recieve your own personal playermodel for all Xero Servers!


Before purchasing be aware of, and ready for the following;
                - Be prepaired. Have a link to your Model, don't make us search for you  
          - Model(s) should not be abnormally large or small (width & height)  
                                                    - Model(s) must be pre-existing on the steam workshop & be no larger than 50mb                    
        - Model(s) shouldn't have any giant wings/accessories                       
Upon purchasing, send the model to Crunky or Stox to have it inspected and added to the server
You will recieve your Model in Extinct rarity as soon as it's accepted
If you're unsure if your model is acceptable, and want to be certain before purchasing, post it in the Discord for confirmation!
You must be signed in before purchasing!